Saturday, 23 January 2016



So I want to show you guys the behind the scenes/share my experience, working with the incredible: Vivienne Steer!

^^click her name and check her work out^^

First we sat down and discussed my vision, she was amazing and helped so much!
We then looked at what wardrobe I was going to use, again she is incredible and helps you out.

I had 3 looks:

1. The Calvin & Jean Look.

2. The White Shirt & Jean w/Calvin's Look.

*see above for other links^

3. The Tommy Boy Look.

*long sleeve shirt from sports craft / sorry I couldn't find a link*

After I had decided on wardrobe, we started make-up(yes, guys sometimes need a little face too)
I had the amazing Alarna Bell from Kolorz & Klawz, so nice and funny! I didn't feel uncomfortable at all! She listened to what I wanted, and delivered 100%.

I then put on my first look, Vivienne is so good, she will literally tell you exactly where to put your limbs/how to make your face look, so that you don't look awkward. She makes modelling/getting photo's taken so easy and accessible to anyone, I honestly don't have anything negative to say.

Here's the end product of my first look.

I changed into my 2nd look and we took some artificial lighting shots.

I loved the natural light shots, though it was a bit of a gloomy day and it was raining so we decided to stay in and keep shooting with artificial lighting.

Here is my 3rd and final look!

After we had finished shooting, I got changed, took my face off, Vivienne offered me tea&coffee and we then went through all of the photos on her computer, and chose which ones I wanted to keep and which ones I didn't want to keep.

When we had finished deciding, we all starting talking and just laughed for ages! It honestly was one of the best experiences I've had on a shoot, so quick(yet not rushed) and simple and easy. 
So so good! I highly reccomend Vivienne Steer to anyone wanting to update their portfolio, or get some professional shots.

And match that with Kolorz & Klawz and you have one major dream team!

Friday, 22 January 2016


Photo taken: 3rd October 2015

During The week that I took this picture, I felt like exploring the city I live in.

I feel like too often we forget how beautiful our surroundings are, what they have to offer us, and how they can make us feel. 

I think sometimes we get so swept up with what we are doing, that we forget to take a step back and appreciate what is right in front of us.

This day means so much to me, I used to really struggle to do things on my own, but on this day, for some reason, I felt totally and completely at peace with doing this alone. 

I think we all need to take a step back sometimes, from our chaotic minds, and high expectations, and just appreciate what we have and what surrounds us. 

This post sounds a bit wankerish, but I just had to document this day and how it made me feel.

I hope you've enjoyed reading and I look forward to the next!

Thursday, 21 January 2016


Hey Guys! 
I thought I'd show you some of my summer essentials/inspo for this year :)

I'm very much a plain Jane kinda guy, anything basic and timeless is my jam, I adore fashion and style, though for me personally, I love anything top quality that will last forever and never go out of style(for my basics anyway).

I've made this little pin board to document my all time fave picks for summer! 

1. The Classic Speedo AKA The Budgie Smuggler - 
Every guy needs a pair of speedo's! Pro's: minimises tan lines, shows the bod, comfortable, honestly just the ideal beach/swimming outfit. Con's: some people aren't fans, and kids may give you funny looks.

2. The Weekender/Beach Bag - 
A classic duffle. Pro's: fits literally everything you need for a weekend away, doubles as a beach bag, lightweight, foldable. Con's: NONE!

3. The Shirt -
A basic white shirt. Pro's: lightweight, wear to the beach, aids in avoiding burnt shoulders, doubles as a head wrap to stop the scalp burn. Con's: avoid wearing fake tan with this(sweat will stain any faux glow to this)

4. The Beach Towel -
A large heavy duty towel. Pro's: good to lay on, good to dry off with, soft. Con's: NONE!

5. The Denim Jean - 
A sturdy pant. Pro's: comfortable, relaxed, stylish. Con's: Yet again, NONE!

6. The Fragrance -
A cologne to make you smell good. Pro's: smells good, sets moods, attracts guys & dolls(whatever you're into), fresh. Con's: do I really need to? ..NONE!

7. The SPF -
A lotion or oil to fight the suns harmful rays. Pro's: protects your skin, moisturises your skin, smells good(sometimes). Con's: NONE! SPF does not stop you from getting a tan!

8. The Basic Tee -
A cotton t-shirt. Pro's: comfortable, relaxed, no effort, simple & easy. Con's: some colours may show sweat. 

ALSO! A book that you're currently reading or a soundtrack you're obsessed with goes perfectly with a day at the beach or a road trip.

Well that pretty much sums it up for this one.
I hope you enjoyed/got some inspiration from this, I love making inspo pin boards.

Enjoy the summer season!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


My name is Jamieson William Sangster,

I wanted to write things.. so here are some of those things.

Hope you enjoy  (:
Maira Gall