Wednesday, 20 April 2016


I've been thinking a lot recently about feeling alone, and 'isolated'. 

My question about this feeling is... How does it happen? How is it that we can feel so incredibly lonely, and shut off from the world, especially when we are mostly surrounded by life.

Is it because we have forgotten how to communicate/connect with each other? 
Is it because we are too consumed in ourselves/what we are doing?
Is it because we isolate ourselves due to our different lifestyles/insecurities?

Most definitely it comes from our insecurities, we are insecure about something and so the easiest way to deal, is to place the blame of that insecurity on someone else, instead of trying to accept or change that feeling within us.

I think that it also comes down to us being so consumed in our own lives, we are almost living inside our minds 24/7, no breaks from our thoughts, from our self inflicted pressure, our want to be the best, and our need to feel fulfilled. 

This all sounds very me, me, me, and I, I, I, that's because it is.. Isolation comes from within us.. I think that we isolate ourselves a lot of the time. 

We are too focused on ourselves, in a negative way, I'm not saying it's bad to be focused on yourself, I'm say it's not healthy to focus on ourselves in negative ways i.e.: why didn't I get invited?, why did this happen to me?, why don't people appreciate me?, why didn't he/she ask me out?.

Selfish thoughts will isolate you.

If you want to go to that party, ask. 
If you don't want something to happen, don't let it.
If you want to feel appreciated, make people appreciate you.
(if they don't, walk away.)
You don't need him/her to ask you out, you can ask them out.

All of this is slightly rich coming from me, but I am writing this to acknowledge that it's a behaviour of mine, that needs to stop.

We need to be less selfish and more selfless.
When you're selfless you won't feel isolated, because your thoughts won't be of you, they will be of the people surrounding you.

Do you ever feel isolated? Can you break down why it is you feel that way?

I think if you can, then you'll realise that mostly it comes from a negative place of selfishness, ego, and insecurity.

Let all of that go.
Just be. 

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